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Mr. Jose Sulaiman
Chairmen World Boxing Council


I would like to thank you and the WBC Cares for helping the PAL in opening their new Red Hook Gym. The kids and the Red Hook Community can not stop talking about how the Professional Boxers came to their neighborhood to see them.

 As you might know the boxers from Sunset Park were asked to leave the facility after 20 years. They were homeless for a few months. They had hearts of champions, they never gave up. They continued to train outside the building in the park. We continued to look for a new site for our boxers who range in ages from 10-18. It was quite concerning that the amount of people that were afraid of the sport of boxing when we were looking for a new site. They did not know that the sport has a high success rate in keeping kids off the streets and out of trouble. Also, they did not know that the sport teaches self respect.

 We had finally found a site not too far from Sunset, inside the Red Hook Housing Community. There is a lot of boxing history from this community, lots of champions had fought and learned the sport of boxing here. The PAL is proud to call there new home the Red Hook Boxing.

 With the help of Yourself, Jill Diamond and the WBC Cares boxers; Iran Barkley, Chika Nakamura, Alicia Ashley, Edgar Santana and journalists, Steve Farhood and Sean Sullivan and photographer, Janet Iacobuzio the community had accepted us with open arms.

 We are forever grateful to the WBC for all of their help. If there is anything the PAL can do in return please let us know.

 Once again thank you for all of your support.

  Sean Connolly

Citywide Sports Coordinator

Police Athletic League

New York City

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