ChildrensHospital LA

Mr. Jose Sulaiman
President of the World Boxing Council

Dear Mr. Sulaiman:

On behalf of the children, families, and staff at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, I would like to thank you so much for sending us two of your wonderful WBC Champions to visit our patients and families, Erik Morales and Genaro Hernandez. These gentlemen were superb representatives of a sport which demonstrates how much it cares for children and families in the community struggling with life-threatening diseases. Erik and Genaro were wonderful in helping our patients with cancer and blood diseases feel encouragement, love, and support from people who worked hard to "make it" in their own lives.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our children. It would be our honor and pleasure to welcome you one day soon to visit us at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, where we have the largest program in the nation for treating children with cancer and blood diseases. In addition to treating the bodies of our young patients, the HOPE Program is focused on the spirits and quality of life of our kids and families. Your kindness is part of the cure we provide, and we thank you.

Best wishes, Dr. Ernie Katz

Ernest R. Katz, Ph.D.
Director, Behavioral Sciences Section
Co-director, HOPE (Hematology Oncology Psychosocial & Education)
Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
4650 Sunset Bl., MS 99
Los Angeles, CA 90027
323.669-5922/ fax 323.664-5512