Bahay Bata

Mr. Bruce Mc Tavish

  Dear Mr. Tavish,

  I am writing this letter of thanks on behalf of the Bahay Bata Foundation, Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU) and the fifteen boys from the Bahay Bata Foundation who were able to partake in the trip of a lifetime to Clifton College, Bristol, England. The Bahay Bata u14s Rugby Union team was sponsored by the Clifton College prep school students and families who were able to raise funds to allow the Bahay Bata team to travel over half the globe to witness a new culture and play sport with children of their own age in a truly unique setting that is the majestic school of Clifton College.

 The Bahay Bata (Filipino for ‘house for children’) Foundation is located two hours North of Manila in the Philippines, and is a home for boys who have been orphaned or whose families are unable to care for them. The PRFU have been conducting Rugby Development programs with the boys since 2006. Over the last five years, the Pot Bellied Pigs Rugby Club from Hong Kong has been the major benefactor in promoting the development of Rugby Union at the Bahay Bata foundation. Two other major Rugby sponsors that support the PRFU Rugby Development program at Bahay Bata include the Nomads Rugby Club in Manila and OVERGAARD Pty Ltd.    

In July of 2010 Mr. John Milne, who was previously posted in the Philippines before he became Preparatory School Principal at Clifton College, invited 15 boys from Bahay Bata to travel to England to experience the culture, friendship, and their love of Rugby Union in a different part of the world. Clifton College is truly an amazing school and the student and parents of the Clifton College Preparatory School were outstanding hosts for 15 young boys who before this trip, had never travelled further than the capital city of the Philippines.           

The Bahay Bata Team and chaperones would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those people that made this trip an exceptional life experience. The sincere friendship that was displayed by everyone we met throughout the ten day adventure is a credit to good old fashioned British hospitality and it was fantastic to see people who live in first world countries taking the time and providing opportunities to help promote the development of young lives through the sport of Rugby Union. This is how true friendships are made and I hope that the legacy of the Bahay Bata trip will stay with everyone who was involved in this tour, especially the host families and friends that the Bahay Bata boys made on this incredible journey.

I would like to especially acknowledge the following people who were instrumental in planning, organizing and funding the Bahay Bata TOURAID tour to England.


Mr. John Milne (Clifton College Prep School Principal)

Mr. John Digby (Director of Rugby Clifton College)

Mr. James Breeze (Marketing Manager Clifton College)

Host Families of Clifton College (Mrs. Griffiths, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Horton, Mrs. Buoy, Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Milne, Mrs. Brookes, Mrs. Coates)

Mr. Reynaldo A. Catapang (Philippine Ambassador to UK)

Andy Berry (Touraid)

Rowan Johnson (Touraid)

Liz Moore (Touraid)

Kevin Bowring (Twickenham Stadium Tour)

John Harrison (Bath Rugby Union Club)

Peter Rogers (Millennium Stadium Tour)

Claire Jenkins (Millennium Stadium Tour)

John Bradley (OVERGAARD Kit Sponsors)

Pot Bellied Pigs RFC (Major Sponsor Bahay Bata Rugby Development)

Nomads RFC (Minor Sponsor Bahay Bata Rugby Development)


All of the above people helped in various ways to make the fifteen Orphans adventure from the Philippines an amazing experience. They discovered a new culture, visited world famous sights and Rugby Stadiums and met some wonderfully uplifting people who can honestly say they have made a difference in the lives of someone less fortunate than themselves.


To everyone involved I would like to extend a sincere thank you and know that your contributions no matter how big or small combined to ensure the Bahay Bata U/14 Rugby Team did “have a trip of lifetime”.


I finally like to thank the tour chaperones for giving up their time to take care of the boys throughout the trip to England

Mercy Lewis (Bahay Bata),

Jessica Zafra (Media Consultant),



Yours Sincerely, 

Matt Cullen

Consultant / National Coach

Philippine Rugby Football Union