Christaine Manzur


Since it's ratification by the WBC, WBC Cares has reached around the globe to embrace children in need. We do not limit our appetite for good to just the poor and sick, but to anyone who we feel we can help. Our members have been instrumental in not only visiting, but building shelters, gyms and most important, the health and well-being of others. It is our goal to inspire people to never surrender their dreams but instead, to approach life as champions! Jill Diamond, Chair

WBC Cares Executive Committee:

Jose Sulaiman, Honorary Chair

Mauricio Sulaiman, President
Jill Diamond, International Chair
Christiane Manzur, Chair Mexico
David Walker, Chair UK Boxing
Elizabeth Reyes, Community Outreach 
Mo Noor, Executive Secretary


Elizabeth Reyes, David Walker

(Alain FLoires, David Waler Elizabeth, Tito Gonzalez, Donated Reyes Gloves)