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International Chair: Jill Diamond


January 2nd - Laila Ali Foundation - Global - Supported by WBC
January 10th - Tokyo, Japan - 20 tickets for Senior Citizens to Matches
January 11th - Miami, Fl - Donations to Shriner's Hospital per Miami Dolphins
January 12th - Thailand - Day of Children Celebration (Kiate Sirigul, General Kovid)
January 14th - Bangkok, Thailand - National Children's Day (General Kovid, Kiate Sirigul
January 14th - LA, Ca - MLK Parade w/Henry Armstrong Foundation, WBC Cares, 20 WBC Officials & Champions)
January 19th - Mexico City - Fundraiser for Isabella
January 22nd - Mexico City - Don Jose Sulaiman Race (For Boxer's Pension Fund)
January 27th - Mexico City - Visit And Funds for Isabella
February 2nd - Mexico City - Inspirational Videos for Casa Del Amistad (Johnny Gonzales, Pipino Cuervas)
February 5th - NYC, NY - Tribute to Ali (UN)
February 6th - NYC, NY - NY Daily News Golden Gloves supported by WBC
February 7th - Mexico City - Videos and Visits - Hospital de Pachuca Pediatric Oncology
February 11th - LA, Ca - Leo Santa Cruz Raffle for Cares + Los Padres Conra El Cancer
February 10th - Colorado, US - Humanitarian awards to Stephen Blea, Raylene Carbone, WBC Cares
February – UK - White Collar Charityt Boixng for Homeless
February 18th - Texas, US - Paulie Ayala's Punch Out Parkinson (Deb Hawkins, MarYum Ali)
February 23rd - NYC, NY - Anti Bullying + Diversity Panel at Success Academy (Rosie Perez, Nabate Isles, Michael Olijade, jr. Melissa st Vil, Alicia Ashley, Alicia Napoleon, Mike Reno, Iran Barkley, Tony Giradina, Brian Adams, Jose Guzman, Henry DeLeon, Mercedez Vasquez, Harvey Dock, Sparkle Lee, Etan Thomas, Ronica Jeffrey)
March 2nd - Mexico City - Fund Raiser and PT for Juan Carlos's Cancer Treatments
March 2nd - Texas, US - Dr Seuss Day (Jamie Cantu)
March 2nd - Louisiana, US - Supporting Louisiana Amateur Tournament and National Championship Tournament (Beau Williford)
March 2nd - Oxnard, Ca - Dr Seuss Day at Elm St School (Shannon Gilman, Francisco Santana, Crystal Morales, Nancy Rodriguez, Chloe Giman)
March 4th - Mexico City - Carlos Zapatos Motivational Tour (Anti Drugs and Depression)
March 2nd - Las Vegas, NV - Dr Seuss Day (Laura Serrano)
March 5th - Jonesboro, Ga - Young Glovez Boxing Gym & Youth Center
March 11th - NYC, NY - Supporting Battle of the Badge
March 12th - Las Vegas, NV - Floyd Mayweather's Fight-4-Fitness (Jessie Vargas, Layla McCarter, Badou Jack, Shannon GIlman, Chloe Gilman, Chop Chop Corley, WBC Champions Team)
March 15th - NYC - Urban Art League Fund Raiser
March 16th - NYC - BWAA
March 18th –MSG, NYC – Tickets for GGG Fight (K2)
April 1st – Mexico City - Hospital Pediátrico de Tacubaya, en el marco de la función del Zócalo (Armando Ahued, Secretario de Salud de la Ciudad de México,Chris Manzur,Mauricio Sulaimán, Campeons)
April 4th- México City - Hospital Infantil Federico Gomez (Hijo de Santo)
April 6th - Mexico City - Sports and Peace Summit
April 15th - LA, Ca - Newton Police Activities - Anti Bullying Forum (Israel Vasquez)
April 22nd - Boston, Mass - CHARMED Benefit for Pediatric illnesses
April 16th - UCLA/NY - BrainSport Conference for Fundraiser
April 19th - LA, Ca - Valley Verde High School (Mo Noor, Nazia Noor, Mikey Garcia, Crystal Morales)
April 29th - LA, Ca - Butterfly Ball
April 29th – NBHOF – WBC Support
May - Global 0 Dedication of May as Mental Health Awareness Mont (US Congressional Mental Health Task Force and Anti Teen Suicide Squad)
May 2nd - Oakland, Ca -  Youth Strengthening - Anti Violence Fundraiser (Maureen Shea)
May 4th - Georgia - WBC Amateur Torunament w/YoungGunz
May 5th - Germany - Victory Day Celebration (Irene Kostenko)
May 19th - UK – Anti Bullying (Motivational Speaker Fes Batista)
May 24th - LA, Ca - Sugar Ray Leonard's Juvenile Diabetes Fund Raiser
May 27th - Las Vegas, NV - Anti Violence + Abuse Kick-off (Teresa Tapia, Christy Martin)
May 24th - LA, Ca - Sugar Ray Leonard's Juvenile Diabetes Fund Raiser
May 27th - Las Vegas, NV - Anti Violence + Abuse Kick-off (Teresa Tapia, Christy Martin)
May 27th - Texas, US - Amateur Awards - Luis Escalona
May 27th - Atlantic City - Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame
June - Global - Dedication of June as Ali Month
June 1st - Barstow, Ca - Barstow Veteran's Center (Gerald Washington, Maricela Cornejo, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.,Ryan Garcia,Ronny Rios, Jose Ramirez Jr., Nancy Rodriquez 
June - Burbank, Ca - Oscar De La Hoya's Fund Raiser for Women's Breast Cancer Research
June 8th - Rome, Italy - Presentation to SCHOLAS and Pope Francis (Sulaiman Family)
une 9th - Los Angeles - Green Belt Challenge 
June 9th - Canastota, NY - IBHOF
June 9th - Russia - Financial Aide to Eddy Gutknec (Irene Kostenko)
June 9th - UK - SAS Charity for We Love Manchester Charity And Children of Manchester Charity. (WBC Cares UK)
June 10th - Hamburg, Germany - Russian Federation of Hamburg Charity Dinner
June 14th - UK - Presentation of Belt to Billy Monger for Bravery (Scott Welch, Mauricio Sulaiman)
June 14th - Vatican City - Appointment of BoxVal & SCHOLAS (Sulaiman Family, Pope Francis)
June 23rd - Louisville, Kay - Norton Hospital/Frazier Children's Hospital (Evander Holyfield, RealDeal Promotions)
June 24th - Ky, La - Tribute and Fights at the Ali Center
June 30th - San Diego, Ca. - Auction for Hope for Henry (NABF)
July 1st - Estados de Mexico - Pediatric Burn Victims: Glove signing & Amateur Fight - (Humberto Gonzales, Jessica Gonzalez, Ibeth Zamora, Esmeralda Moreno, Guadalope Martinez, Juan Hernandez)
July 1st - LV, Nv - WBC Amateur Challenge 
July 4th - UK - Medal of Courage for Tony Davies and Lord Davis (WBC CARES UK)
July 5th - Nicaragua - Donation of Equipment to Local Gyms (Tito Gonzalez, Carlos Cuadras, Bizmark Morales)
July 7th - Mexico City - Dedication of Gym and Planting of Olive Tree for SCHOLAS
July 8th - Texas - Kingsville Boxing Gym Family Day (Cantu Family)
July 16th - Las Vegas - Fund Raiser for Pediatric Cancers (Mikey Garcia)
July 22nd - UK - WBC Cares Fight Night (WBC Cares UK, Pure warriors)
July 22nd - Colorado, USA - Bowling Fundraiser (Stephen Blea, Alex Ramos)
July 23rd - Lansing, Mi - Men Making A Difference (Lansing Spartan Youth Group)
July 23rd - TJ - Visit to Pediatric Ward  (Vasquez Family)
July 25th - Lansing, Mi - Lansing Sparton Youth Center Father's Day Picnic (Kolmarge Harris)
July  26th - NYC - Beyond Sports Global Awards
July 27th - NYC - Beyond Sport United - Summit for Social Change
July 29th - New Jersey - AAIB Golf Tournamnent - Boxers College Fund
July 29th - Fund Raiser for Danel Franco (Supreme Boxing)
July 30th -  Louisville, KY -  Appointing of Carlos Dixon as KY Cares Ambassador
July 30th -  Bangok - Rumsai Medical Rescue (Srisiket, Kiate Sirigul)
July 31st -   Kingsville, Tx - Fight Against Hunger (Jamie Cantu)
August 4th - NYC - Heroes on the Hudson (Wounded War Veterans, Real Deal)
August 9th - Las Vegas - NBHOF
August 11th - UK - Anti Bullying Campaing in UK Schools (Fes Baptiste)
August 19th - Mexico City - Publishing Book for Disabled
August 19th - Omaha, Nabraska - Support of Jackson Boxing Gym's Programs
August 20th - Mexico City - Visit to INP (Pipino Cuevas, Chiquita Gonzales, Zulina Munoz, Irma Garcia)
August 23rd - Kingville, Tx - Free Boxing Clinic (Cantu Family + Champions)
August 24th - Washington, DC - Hope for Henry (Russell Family, Demarcus Corely)
August 28th - Mexico City - WBC Cares Golf Tournament
August 31st, LV, Nv - Sunrise Children Hospital (Caleb Plant)
September 2nd - NYC - Ayaden Strong Foundation (Staten Island Yankees, Champions)
September 16th - Las Vegas - Raging Babes Fund Raiser for Prichard Colon
September 18th- NYC -  Soup Kitchen (w/Real Deal Promotions)
October 12th- NYC - After School All Stars
October 21st - LA, Ca - walk From Darkness/Teen Suicide Prevention (Sergio Estrada, Mo Noor, Captains)
November 17th - Beyond Sports Mexico